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Pastor Donald and XP Ethel Rucker

donaldPastor Donald is currently serving as Senior Pastor of Christian Development Center (CDC) in the city of Montclair, California. Pastor Donald Rucker is married to Minister Ethel Rucker for over 35 years and are the founders and visionaries of this grass root ministry. The work began in March of 2000 with their three children, Daniel, David, and Erikka, in their home located in the city of Montclair, California. God instructed Pastor and Minister Rucker to open the doors of their home so that he could draw people to the ministry like He drew the animals to Noah's Ark. God further instructed them to teach His people how to practice the presence of the Lord in their lives on a daily basis. Well, ten (10) years later the ministry is experiencing tremendous growth and recently moved to the lovely facility in the City of Upland. The move of God in the ministry has caused us to relocate in the city of Montclair. CDC is a teaching ministry with its primary objective and focus on challenging, charging, and changing the people of God through practical teaching principles of the Word of God. The Rucker's lives and believes that the indwelling presence of God should dictate better behavior, conversation, and decisions in the life of the believer that would help in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Pastor Rucker is a graduate of Victory Bible Training Center, in the city of Pasadena, Scholar Bible College, in the Moreno Valley. His studies included Biblical Studies, Old and New Testament Survey, Church History, Greek and Hebrew Word Studies, Principles of Biblical Interpretation and Practical Procedure in expository Preaching. Pastor Donald Rucker was ordained by Dr. I.V. Hilliard, Pastor and Founder of New Light Christian Center Church, in Houston, Texas in October 2003. The Ruckers are in partnership and accountability to Dr. I. V. Hilliard's ministry A.I.M., Dr. Frederick Price's ministry F.I.C.W.F., and Dr. Earl Johnson, Covenant Life Church in Duarte and Pasadena, California, and Pastor Barbara Rivers, Steadfast Love Ministries in Marion, LA

ethelEthel Rucker was recently ordinated on January 11th, 2014, to the position of "Executive Pastor" and is now affectionately known as XP. Pastor Ethel Rucker is married to Pastor Donald Rucker; they recently renewed their wedding vows on December 28th, 2013 celebrating more than 35 joyful years of marriage. Ethel is the proud mother of 3 children ; Daniel, David, and Erikka Rucker Webster. Ethel is also the author of "From Misery 2 Marital Bliss" and resides with her husband Donald in the city of Upland. Ethel partners with her husband in a grassroots ministry, named Christian Development Center (CDC), in the city of Montclair CA. Pastor Ethel was employed with the Bonita Unified School District on a full-time basis and as a valued employee for more than 13 years, she shares with the students a wealth of experience from her 23 years in the field of Education. Pastor Ethel has an awesome and powerful heart to serve God. Within the Ministry of CDC, God uses her to pray for women who may have difficulty conceiving children. She also heads the women’s ministry ” Covenant Daughters of Destiny” at CDC where there is a God-given anointing on her life to minister to others in the areas of: Faith, Finances, Marriage, and Family. Pastor Ethel, when teaching, illustrates God’s Word to others from a practical point of view along with a simplistic style that together brings about both clarity and comprehension. Her desire is for God’s people to clearly understand His Word and be able to use it in their everyday lives in order to live victoriously and not be victims. Ethel is overseeing a conference workshop and seminar speaking engagement, a member of c360 the big project with over 100 members collaborating across the globe to make a difference in the lives of children youth and adults. Also she partners with DCFS to help give parents resources to keep their children out of the foster care system she partners with the state dept offering a program that feeds the body and the mind through homework assistance Pastor Ethel and Pastor Donald Rucker are long-term members, and an integral part of FICWFM (Fellowship of Inner-Cities Word of Faith Ministries), headed by Dr. K.C. & Betty Price in Los Angeles, and the Association of Independent Ministries (AIM), headed by Dr. I.V. & Bridget Hilliard of Houston, Texas.