Our Ministries


joshua project

joshuaWe have an on-going exciting Employment and Career Preparation Workshop every first 4 Saturday of the month, from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. The workshop is for youths and young adults ages 13 to 25 years. After completing 4 workshops each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion. The workshop is held at Christian Development Center (CDC) at 5080 Kingsley Street, Montclair, CA 91763.

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food/clothing campaign

foodThey only asked us to remember the poor - the very thing I also was eager to do." Galatians 2:10. Christian Development Center welcomes anyone in need or homeless in the community to come and receive donated clothing and food items. As members of the body of Christ, we feel compelled to help those who are in need. We have our food giveaway every 4th Saturday of the month/Clothing giveaway every quarter. We rejoice at the opportunity to serve those in our neighborhood and see God's provision for his nation. If you have any questions please contact Christian Development Center at 909-319-2240 for more information. CDC is an authorized distribution center for the County of San Bernardino.



marriageIn Rooted Love has 35 years of successful marriage and they do workshops seminars, personal coaching, and spiritual advice to help strengthen and build healthy relationships, They minister to the singles married and engaged. Marriage is an institution ordained and created by God. It is a perfect institution, but the people in it are not perfect. Therefore, here at Christian Development Center, we created the Marriage Mechanics sessions to assist couples to build and improve their marriage through strengthening their lines of communications. In Rooted Love sessions are held every other month and there is a fee of $25.00 per person. The upcoming session is always posted in several prominent places on this website, including this page. These sessions will help put the spark back into YOUR marriage with laughter, great topics, and an awesome question and answer period. These sessions are open to anyone and everyone; you don’t need to be a member of CDC to attend. The single adult is welcome to attend, too. Children are not allowed to be in attendance and we do not offer childcare during these sessions.

youth ministry

youth To develop and strengthen a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, to aid and assist in their spiritual maturity, to discover their created purpose, to expose their inherent potential, and realize their designed destinies, by provide a comprehensive ministry of practical application and personal awareness of the Person of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.




family ministry


Parenting can be a difficult and challenging venture, but at the same time can be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing we ever do. The Bible has a great deal to say about the way we can successfully raise our children to be men and women of God. The first thing we must do is teach them the truth about God's Word. Join our Parenting Classes held every Tuesdays at 6:00pm.



project title

To make a significant impact and positive difference in the lives of the youth that will cause them to increase in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man, through anointed fellowship, excitement, fun, drama, and ministry of the Word of God. To minister the Word of God to youth at the level of their understanding and in an atmosphere that is functional and fun for youth, but does not hinder the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the youth will receive the biblical motivation necessary to be successful in every area of their lives...


Singles Ministry


Single Life is geared with off-campus social interaction and on-campus thought provoking sessions to keep the singles of Christian Development Center in a mindset of wholesome growth and abundant overflow. Our mantra is taken from John 10:10, and says, “I have come that you may have life, and life more abundantly”. These words hold the heartbeat of the Singles Ministry; as it single-mindedly focuses on developing the whole person in such a manner that the social boundaries of gender, race, age, or marital status could never contain the sum of its unfolding. And whether or not such a life of a Single member progresses into married bliss or single satisfaction; it surely will progress.

Covanant Daughters

womensThe covenant Daughters have developed a ministry within a ministry based on Titus the older women teach the younger women and we are taking this literally. We want to pass down info hopefully to help some avoid some of the foolish mistakes we have made and share some of the wonderful choices that we have made; it is to connect with our young ladies so that we can speak into their lives.